Financial Traders - The importance of mindset when trading

November 11, 2022 00:36:23
Financial Traders - The importance of mindset when trading
Let's Get Down to Business
Financial Traders - The importance of mindset when trading

Nov 11 2022 | 00:36:23


Show Notes

Due to the outstanding response to our last traders podcast, we decided to invite our client, Ross Maxwell, professional full-time trader, and Director of Key Zone Traders, onto our podcast to record a special episode.


Key Zone Traders is an online trading education company for new and existing traders. Ross focuses particularly on the importance of mindset in order to trade successfully. In the podcast he shares the story of one of his clients who had been making losses for over 10 years. Working with Ross, he made a consistent plan for trading and focused on making healthy mindset habits. The result? He’s been profitable for over 2 years now.


Listen to Caroline Ward (our very own financial traders Chartered Accountant and Adviser) ask Ross everything from how to start trading the right way, understanding what a draw down period is and how to keep a good mindset during it to how mindfulness helps him trade every day.


Once you’ve listened to and digested this podcast, you will be able to:


✅ Understand what a draw down period is and how to keep a good mindset during it

✅ How to get into the right mindset for trading

✅ Importance of getting the right structure in place to take that pressure off

✅ How to start trading the right way

✅ How to develop the skills to identify when you’re feeling emotional so you can step back

✅ How mindfulness helps your trading

✅ Understand the importance of investing in trading education

✅ Find a strategy for trading and the importance of working on making one strategy successful 


Let’s continue the conversation…

A4G Accountants for Traders | LinkedIn | Website

Book a free discovery call with one of our growth advisers

Keyzone Traders | | [email protected]

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