06 | How and when to take on your first employee

Episode 6 August 20, 2021 00:27:46
06 | How and when to take on your first employee
Let's Get Down to Business
06 | How and when to take on your first employee

Aug 20 2021 | 00:27:46


Show Notes

So, your business is starting to grow and you’re chasing your tail trying to keep your customers happy, take on new customers and work on your business. To propel the growth of your business it may be time to start thinking about taking on your first employee, but where do you start?

In episode 6 of our Getting Started series, we’re joined by HR advisor at A4G, Donna Bygrave. You will find out when is the right time to take on a member of staff, how to map out the full recruitment process, how to decide on the rate of pay and terms and conditions, how to write a contract and when you have your new staff member how to keep them happy.  

For further support in anything mentioned in the podcast, head over to our website: https://www.a4g-llp.co.uk/outsourced-hr-support

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