Episode 15 | Systems, Systems, Systems

November 26, 2021 00:45:30
Episode 15 | Systems, Systems, Systems
Let's Get Down to Business
Episode 15 | Systems, Systems, Systems

Nov 26 2021 | 00:45:30


Show Notes

Is your business dependent on you? Would your business still be able to run efficiently without you? Are silly things going wrong in your business? Do you have ‘growing pains’ or maybe you’re struggling to grow? You need systems.

In today’s episode (the last in our 12 vital ingredients for business success series), Charlotte is joined by our Managing Partner, Malcolm Palmer, who has built a successful business, which has grown consecutively for over 25 years based on systems, to discuss the importance of systems and how to implement them.

You’ll learn: What systems are, how they can help you grow your business and make it less dependent on you, how to format your systems and how to train your team on systems and ensure they are writing, following and improving upon them.

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